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The Miscela d'Oro Story

Miscela d'Oro Family Photo

"We constantly look for new ways to evoke in others the same emotions we feel every day."

With unchanged passion, the Urbano family commits to the project the patriarch started in 1946, roasting coffee that enhance the scent, the warmth and the aroma of a high-quality Italian coffee.

The company... from 1946 to present

Miscela d'Oro Logo - 1946

1946 - The origins
From a workshop to a family firm

The Urbano family business was started in 1946 in the heart of Messina, where founder Umberto with the help of his wife Emanuela, began roasting small batches of espresso beans on an artisan level. The fundamental rule was to choose with the utmost care the highest quality raw beans. The founder's technical knowledge and sensitivity to the needs of his customers, along with continuing research and experimentation of high quality blends, quickly transformed the small artisan shop into a small family business, fully outfitted with the most advanced equipment and firmly rooted its place in the area.

Miscela d'Oro Logo - 1980

1980 - The "5 Blends"
The first big accomplishments

With the second generation arrived Francesco, who joined the family business in the 1970's and focused the strategic interests of the company in bars and supermarkets on a national level. In the 1980's it became necessary to further expand and modernize the company, which began to take on more industrial features. Systems with greater power and warehouses were purchased, along with more automatic roasting and packaging processes, all along preserving the company roots as a family business and artisan coffee roaster.

Miscela d'Oro Logo - 2000

2000 - Innovation
Cutting-edge Technology for a company projected to the future

By the end of the 1990's and with the entrance of the third generation into the family business, the sales and marketing strategies evolved even further with the expansion into the international market. In order to adapt to new market demands and to boost sales, the turn of the century brought the opening of a new establishment with the most advanced technology available, with great capacity for storage, roasting, and packaging and where the experience and sensitivity of three generations of coffee roasters has been passed down, their great ability to select, blend and roast coffee, in order to achieve the aromas and flavors that have allowed the company to grow and evolve are ever present.

Miscela d'Oro Logo - Today

Oggi (Today) - Quality, Elegance, Simplicity
The foundations for excellence

Today Miscela d'Oro is present in over 40 countries, to which it exports over 50% of its production. The small artisan coffee shop has transformed into a dynamic business, aimed at the future, determined to position itself among the top leaders in the business on the global market, a company who is always ready to answer to evolving consumers with new products, while continuing its attentiveness to quality and the consistency of the taste and aroma appreciated by consumers worldwide.

Miscela d'Oro USA
Establishment of dedicated operations in the United States

In April 2017 the company founded Miscela d’Oro USA, following twenty years experience gained through widespread distribution in the New York City area and throughout the United States. Guaranteeing excellent customer support, efficiency, and professionalism were the key driving forces behind our decision in September 2019 to establish a dedicated administrative and distribution facility in New Jersey to directly serve our customers.

Miscela d'Oro USA Office