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Espresso Beans

Miscela d'Oro espresso beans deliver an authentic Italian experience, with smooth, rich flavor, captivating aroma, and a beautiful, velvety crema. Expertly crafted by the Urbano family master roasters, who have devoted three generations to perfecting blends that capture the true essence of a traditional Sicilian espresso. With Miscela d'Oro you can enjoy old-world, artisan espresso right in your own home, savoring wonderful flavors and scents that are always pleasant and welcoming, never sharp, harsh, or bitter.

Artisan Italian Coffee Since 1946

For over 70 years the Urbano family has been dedicated to crafting their artisan coffee, capturing the scent, warmth, and aroma of a traditional Italian espresso. Their fundamental rule has always been to hand-select the highest quality green Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, then enhance the natural qualities of each origin through artful blending and roasting. Today, the Urbano family's third generation continues the project their patriarch started in 1946, with complete dedication to creating only the best espresso beans.

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Espresso beans are simply coffee beans (Arabica and/or Robusta) that have been specifically selected and roasted for brewing espresso. In general, espresso beans tend to be roasted longer, so they are darker and richer compared to beans intended for regular coffee. This special roasting process contributes to the distinct, bold flavor and aroma characteristic of espresso. Essentially, the term espresso bean refers to the roast style and preparation methods rather than any particular type of coffee bean.

Absolutely! While espresso beans are selected and roasted to specifically enhance the bold and rich flavors that are characteristic of espresso, they can certainly be used to prepare delicious regular coffee using drip, French press, pour-over, and other methods. The resulting brew will tend to be more robust compared to when using regular coffee beans, an excellent choice for those who enjoy full-bodied coffee. However, the reverse is usually not true - regular coffee beans are not typically suitable for making a proper espresso.

All of the Miscela d'Oro espresso bean blends are considered classic in style, adhering to the traditional characteristics of our region in Sicily, Italy. Each will provide a perfect espresso shot when brewed properly, yet there are subtle distinctions between particular blends that may better suit your taste and preferences. For example, if you love a thick, persistent crema, consider a blend that includes Robusta coffee such as Gran Crema, our most popular whole-bean espresso which is exquisite. Or, if you prefer the intense, sweet, and delicate aroma of premium 100% Arabica coffee then perhaps consider our Gran Gourmet. And please, never hesitate to contact us for help and suggestions.

Properly storing your espresso beans is essential for maintaining their freshness and flavor. Always choose an airtight container, placed in a dark, cool and dry location away from strong odors such as spices or cleaning products. Oxygen exposure is what degrades coffee, and it can also absorb moisture and smells from its surroundings. If you're keeping beans in their original packaging, be sure to squeeze out as much air as possible and close the bag tightly. You can find out more in our blog post The Best Way to Store Coffee Beans and Grounds.