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ESE Espresso Pods

Miscela d'Oro ESE pods enable anyone to produce delicious, creamy espresso with a wonderful aroma and velvety crema consistently and conveniently, without guesswork or mess. Our espresso pods are filled with premium Miscela d'Oro Italian coffee, which has been precisely ground, measured, and pre-tamped between two pieces of biodegradable filter paper, then individually wrapped for freshness. We feature a variety of ESE coffee pods, including multiple regular espresso blends, a decaffeinated blend, and an organic option. With Miscela d'Oro espresso pods, you can effortlessly enjoy old-world artisan espresso right at home anytime you wish.

Please Note:

  1. ESE pods (Easy Serving Espresso pods, 44 mm x 7g) can only be used in a dedicated ESE espresso pod machine, or any home espresso machine that is equipped with a special espresso pod filter basket.
  2. Double espresso pods (58 mm x 13g) are only compatible with commercial espresso machines specifically designed to accept them.
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