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Ground Espresso

Enjoy the delicious, full-bodied flavor and captivating aroma of Miscela d'Oro whole bean coffee, conveniently pre-ground for use in espresso machines, moka pots, and drip coffee makers. Experience the unique taste of old-world artisan expertise with every sip, three generations devoted to perfecting blends that capture the true essence of a traditional Sicilian espresso.

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Espresso ground coffee is simply coffee beans that have been blended and roasted specifically for espresso, then pre-ground very fine for use in espresso machines. This fine grind is key to brewing espresso, as it increases the surface area of the grounds exposed during extraction, and also packs together tightly creating the flow resistance necessary to build up brewing pressure.

There is a delicate balance though, if the coffee grind is too fine it will block the flow of water, while slightly too coarse and the water will rush through without proper extraction or crema development. A proper ground espresso coffee is similar in consistency to say powdered sugar, it feels soft in your hands and not at all gritty like sand.

At Miscela d'Oro, we utilize sophisticated coffee grinders that grind to our specifications using lasers to verify the precise particle size, resulting in a consistent and predictable product for our customers. Also, please note to help you find the best ground espresso for your application we specify whether the grind is intended for espresso machines (very fine), or moka pots and filter applications (medium fine).

The best way to store ground espresso is in an airtight container, placed in a location that is dark, cool, dry and away from any strong odors such as spices or detergents. Just keep in mind that exposure to oxygen is what degrades coffee, and also that it readily absorbs moisture, smells and flavors from its environment. Therefore, we recommend avoiding the refrigerator or freezer, and instead consider a kitchen cupboard or pantry. To learn more please see our blog post The Best Way to Store Coffee Beans and Grounds.