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The Best Way to Store Coffee Beans and Grounds

Coffee Storage Jars

Proper storage of your premium Italian coffee is crucial for preserving its exceptional fresh flavor, aroma, and other important characteristics. We at Miscela d'Oro recommend storing coffee beans and grounds in an airtight container, placed away from heat, light, humidity, and strong odors. For example, a kitchen cupboard or pantry can be an ideal location.

Why Coffee Storage Matters

Roasted coffee is a very delicate product. According to Umberto Urbano, master coffee roaster and owner of Miscela d'Oro:

"Let's start by saying that coffee, as long as it is packaged in nitrogen, remains perfect over time. From the moment the package is opened and oxygen touches the coffee, the process of oxidation begins, leading to the degeneration of the coffee's organoleptic (sensory) substances, which becomes ugly to the palate. This process is slow in the case of coffee beans, and extremely rapid in the case of ground coffee."

Also, please keep in mind coffee acts like a sponge and readily absorbs moisture and odors from its surroundings. Therefore, always be sure to store coffee away from strong smells like spices or detergents. For this reason, storage in the refrigerator or freezer is not ideal, as even in a tightly sealed container or bag the coffee may still absorb undesirable odors and flavors.

Best Practices for Storing Coffee

  • Airtight Containers: The ideal method of storage is a jar or can with an airtight lid. A tightly sealed container prevents oxygen and moisture from entering while allowing easy access to your coffee or espresso beans. When choosing a coffee canister, glass, porcelain or metal are probably the most desirable materials, plastic is best avoided. Even standard mason jars with screw-on or flip-top lids work great.
  • Cool, Dry, Dark Location: Store your coffee in a cool, dry, and dark area. Direct light, heat, and moisture can all negatively impact the quality of your coffee.
  • Away from Strong Odors: Coffee acts like a sponge, absorbing humidity and odors from its surroundings. Therefore, always store your coffee away from strong smells like spices or detergents.
  • Coffee Bag Storage: If you wish to store your coffee in the original packaging, just make sure to press out as much air as possible and close the bag tightly. While not ideal, this is an acceptable storage method, especially with whole beans.
  • Avoid the Refrigerator and Freezer: We generally don't recommend storing coffee in the refrigerator or freezer. Even in a tightly sealed container or bag, your coffee may still absorb undesirable odors, flavors or humidity.

Remember, Coffee Storage is Crucial

By following these simple guidelines, you can maximize the longevity of your espresso coffee freshness, maintaining the most delightful experience from the first cup to the last.

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