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Miscela d’Oro Sicilia 1946 Café & Bistro

Photos of the Miscela d’Oro Sicilia 1946 café & bistro in Messina, Sicily

In 2020 June, Miscela d’Oro opened its flagship Miscela d’Oro Sicilia 1946 café & bistro in it's hometown of Messina, Sicily in Italy. This opening represented a stepping stone to the long term goal of exporting worldwide bistro cafés with the Miscela d’Oro brand.

This important project was realized with the collaboration of two distinguished people; the internationally renowned Italian architect and designer Piero Lissoni and the acclaimed chef Filippo La Mantia, famous for his passion of Sicilian cuisine.

The project is a triumph of Sicilianity where earth, air, water and fire coexist and blend into an architectural unicum capable of combining contemporary trends.

Old majolica tiles from Palermo set in high columns, enameled lava stone in the floor and vertical surfaces, living rooms with iconic design sofas and armchairs next to wicker chairs and some Sicilian antiques, shelves and windows open up along the ceiling, wooden paneling and custom-made benches to recall the cabinet-making tradition of churches, the water green of the counter dominates the black color of Etna, an open kitchen intrigues the user, two decors, a completely external space on which large white sails and an "architectural box", where the transparency and the play of light create a connection between the room and the interior kitchen so as to involve the customer in the art of culinary and confectionery preparation.

The visual identity has been taken care of by the graphics department of Lissoni & Partners: some plants such as coffee, palm, fig, pomegranate, orange blossom are transformed into engravings and applied to some materials such as the packaging of the pastry shop, menus and uniforms.

This project has unified our love for our Sicilian heritage and our passion for Italian coffee, creating a little family jewel situated in the heart of the city. We hope that this will lead us all to many new adventures together as our brand continues to grow and thrive.

Miscela d'Oro Cafe Bistrot - 1
Miscela d'Oro Cafe Bistrot - 2
Miscela d'Oro Cafe Bistrot - 3
Miscela d'Oro Cafe Bistrot - 4
Miscela d'Oro Cafe Bistrot - 5
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