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DOuMIX? Espresso & Smoothie Recipes

Delicious gourmet coffee drink

Experience luxurious gourmet espresso and smoothie recipes, courtesy of our very own Sicilia 1946 café in Messina, Italy. Each of these indulgent drinks can be easily created in your home, coffee shop, or restaurant using premium Miscela d'Oro Italian espresso and DOuMIX? flavored creams and fruit puree mixes.

Please keep in mind you can easily customize any of these recipes by simply swapping out your favorite DOuMIX? flavor. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

Espresso Gourmet Recipe Steps

Miss Ruby

  • 10g (1 pump) DOuMIX? Ruby pink cocoa flavored cream
  • one (1) shot Miscela d'Oro espresso
  • whipped cream
  • decorations of your choice (such as chocolate chips, nuts, etc.)

Mister Chocolate

Miss Strawberry

Spanish Latte Recipe Steps

Pistachio Spanish Latte

Ruby Spanish Latte

  • 10g (1 pump) DOuMIX? Ruby pink cocoa flavored cream
  • one (1) shot Miscela d'Oro espresso
  • 140g (5.0 oz.) milk
  • 20g (0.7 oz.) condensed milk
  • ice as desired
Smoothie Recipe Steps

Coffee Crunch Mango Smoothie

Coffee Crunch Strawberry Smoothie

Also, we created the following video at the Miscela d'Oro Sicilia 1946 café showing professional step-by-step creation of these recipes for your viewing pleasure:

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