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MEC3 in Cups

Premium, café quality specialty drink mix products from Italy

Miscela d'Oro USA brings to our customers the same brand of professional drink mixes used in some of the finest cafés throughout Italy, MEC3 in Cups! Prepare delicious, enticing hot & cold specialty coffee drinks, smoothies, milkshakes, flavored teas, and even cocktails, easily and conveniently. MEC3 in Cups offers a wide range of products with high quality ingredients, great taste, and versatility for creation of innovative recipes as well as the classics. For delicious, easy to prepare specialty coffee & smoothie recipes using these fine products, please see our blog post: MEC3 in Cups - Gourmet Coffee & Smoothie Recipes.

Quella Family Delicious thick creams, ideal for creating exquisite specialty coffee drinks, luxurious milkshakes, and much more. Eight irresistible flavors will satisfy a wide range of tastes.
Cookies Family Wonderful thick creams combined with the crunchy goodness of cookies, for an irresistible extra touch in specialty coffee drinks and milkshakes.
GranFrutta Family Delectable, thick fruit purees; the secret for exquisite and refreshing smoothies when mixed with ice and water, or use milk for rich and sweet fruity milkshakes.
Squeeze Family Arouse the senses with the fragrance of fruit, creating fantastic cocktails and thirst quenching flavored teas.

We are pleased to share with you the following video showing professional MEC3 in Cups recipe preparations, made at our very own Miscela d'Oro Sicilia 1946 cafe in Messina, Sicily. Enjoy!