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Bay Ridge Brooklyn Coffee

George Ilardo started in the espresso coffee & equipment industry in 1975, at a time when there were only a few companies in this industry operating in the US. During the following years he established many connections and gained invaluable experience in the business. Back then, most of the espresso coffee served in the New York area was roasted in the US. In 1990 George decided to use his experience and open Espresso Emporium. He imported authentic Italian taste to the USA and upgraded the quality of espresso served, while providing better service to the industry. While transitioning his customers to quality espresso, George realized that the drip coffee served by restaurants was subpar. The following year, 1991, he commissioned a local roaster to blend and roast top-quality coffees under the name "Bay Ridge Brooklyn Coffee".

It made perfect sense for his customers to purchase the Bay Ridge Brooklyn Coffee from him since it allowed them to consolidate purchasing to one supplier. One they had already trusted for their espresso and equipment service.

Bay Ridge Brooklyn Coffee is served in some of the most prestigious establishments in the New York area. Some of the top restaurants, coffee shops, hotels & cafes serve this coffee to their customers. It is a brand that grew quickly with a passion for quality coffee and a mission to be the best.

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